"Come out with a plan and stick to it."

Wong Hong Ting

2359 Media

Driven by his passion for technology that creates impactful mobile solutions. Mr Wong Hong Ting co-founded his company, 2359 Media, in February 2009. The mobile-first digital agency aims to help other companies, consumers and start-ups with their own businesses by creating digital solutions and apps.

As an undergraduate at the National University of Singapore, Hong Ting was inspired to start up a company that was focused on providing solutions to help people live and work better.

However, the opportunity only arose in 2009 with the launch of the iPhone 3G in Singapore. Together with his co-founder Mr Zhou Wenhan, Hong Ting developed the app SG Malls, which provided additional information and floor maps about Singapore’s shopping malls for shoppers. While tech-savvy consumers waited in snaking queues to purchase their iPhones, both entrepreneurs seized their chance and managed to persuade 50,000 people to download SG Malls. Buoyed by their success, Hong Ting saw an opportunity to enter the mobile industry.

Despite their initial victory, the company is not without its own setbacks and glitches. Hong Ting recounts “huge emotional and psychological stress” during early days, when he struggled to manage dwindling finances to pay his employees’ salaries.

Another major obstacle to his company’s success came from the fierce global competitors from larger countries like China, India, Vietnam and Indonesia. But to Hong Ting, these financial and professional risks are the inevitable costs of entrepreneurship, and it was necessary to make the best out of every decision.

Today, 2359 Media have been responsible for developing apps like NTU JobPASS and HungryGoWhere to aid local and international consumers with managing their daily activities better, as well as to help their many clients expand their brand to new territories and digital platforms.

Hong Ting’s desire to improve the lives of people around him even extends to his workplace. Potential employees are not only valued for their reliability and skills in problem solving, but also for their willingness to share their knowledge with and educate their fellow colleagues. For Hong Ting, seeing former interns or employees succeed in their own businesses or future careers has been one of the most fulfilling aspects of his journey as an entrepreneur so far.

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