"You need to have passion in what you're doing."

Ruben Chong

Calvary Carpentry

Whilst most of his friends were still studying, Mr. Ruben Chong had already registered his company, Calvary Carpentry. Calvary Carpentry supplies and installs a wide range of timber products, from flooring to timber decking. A young company that started only in 2011, Calvary Carpentry has since expanded and the team now consists of professionals with an average of 15 years of experience in the timber industry. The company is a member of the National Wood Flooring Association, and has also been involved in projects with Ion Orchard and Nanyang Technological University.

Starting a company at the young age of 21 while still studying for a Leisure and Resort management diploma was no easy feat. Ruben had to dedicate a lot of time researching and learning from industry experts. As most of the timber factories are located in remote industrial areas, Ruben had to commute from Temasek Polytechnic to Sungei Kadut. Instead of playing football with his friends, he was fetching large samples of wood by public transport. Juggling school and business was quite a struggle, but Ruben’s strong determination kept him moving forward.

Ruben confesses that in his adolescent years he used to think that a person’s success was based solely on the amount of money that he or she had amassed. As a result, young Ruben would come up with various get-rich-quick schemes, disregarding their ethical consequences at times and causing worry to his family. However, he quickly learnt that there were no shortcuts to success. With the continued love and support from his friends and family, Ruben managed to start Calvary Carpentry. Not surprisingly, his company’s stated mission is to maintain utmost responsibility to its clients and the environment.


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