"I think there should be a sense of gratefulness to what we have, so that when you are successful, you can perpetuate the same sense of kindness and gratitude to the world around you."

Philip Wu


Grid_Synergy Pte Ltd is a Transmedia Studio, specialising in creating different types of media form that allow their clients to clearly broadcast their message. They have created educational materials and branched into fields of mainstream media such as cinema and television. Furthermore, the company makes unconventional videos for their corporate clients, allowing for optimal engagement of their target audience. Grid_Synergy prides itself on being sensitive to current day trends and ensuring good communication with their partners, such as Singtel, ST Electronics, Starhub, MTV and Wizlearn Technologies.

Philip Wu is the CEO of Grid_Synergy and leads his team of committed staff to produce quality multimedia materials. A humble and grounded man, he believes that people should count their blessings and be grateful for what they have on a normal basis. This will then allow them to perpetuate the same kind of kindness and gratefulness towards others when they have attained success.

Mr Wu believes that the difference between entrepreneurs and non-entrepreneurs is in their ability to ideate. In addition, he regards ideas to be crucial in the course of making history, taking precedence over any wealth or power. Although it is hard to kick-start an idea into something tangible, he affirms that being willing and having sheer grit and determination will allow anyone to start a business if they really wanted to. People should be willing to discuss their “crazy” ideas with those around them, bouncing off opinions and drawing experience from them. The combination of the feedback from others and an individual’s own perspective will then give rise to a more feasible form of the idea. However, it is important for an aspiring entrepreneur to not be swayed by popular opinion. Instead, he should follow his gut and make attempts to succeed, letting facts and results guide his pathway.

Born in a traditional generation where people were encouraged to take up professional positions, Mr Wu is indeed someone who broke conventions to pursue his dreams. In light of the changing attitudes towards entrepreneurs, he is optimistic that future generations will break even more ground in new areas. He believes for the youth that “the world is their oyster”, asthere are so many opportunities for them to explore. He is also confident that the youth are increasingly primed to take advantage of these chances to create their ideal future.


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