"Whenever you do fail, get up and try again."

Michael Tien

ATLAS Sound & Vision

Established in 1963, ATLAS Sound and Vision is a trusted destination for premium audiovisual equipment in Singapore, Malaysia and Brunei. From humble beginnings as a record library in a shop house on Market Street, Atlas Sound & Vision has established itself as a leader in the audio and visual industry in Singapore.

After opening a record library, the founder of ATLAS, the late Mr. A B Tien decided to offer advice on sound system design. To cope with the rising demand for quality sound, ATLAS started providing superior equipment for sound systems. In 2003, his son, Michael Tien took over the business.

Mr Michael Tien describes himself as the ‘accidental’ entrepreneur. His decision to become an entrepreneur came from the need to take up the challenge of saving his family business as it was not doing well back then. Having been exposed to music since young, Mr Tien took up the challenge readily as he had a great passion for music. He is grateful for the opportunity as he considers himself to be one of the lucky few who can pursue his passion as a career. When asked to recollect some happier moments in his journey as an entrepreneur, Mr Tien said that his happiest moment is when he sees the joy on the customer’s face when they are inspired by the music they hear from a quality sound system that ATLAS had provided. He encourages more people to take the leap to become an entrepreneur. He states that as entrepreneurs, people can make a difference and have a positive impact on other people’s lives.

However, it was not all smooth sailing for ATLAS to become what it is today. ATLAS faced numerous challenges over the years. One of the most difficult moments was when the late Mr. A B Tien passed away. It was not easy for Mr Michael Tien as suddenly the responsibility for the entire company rested on his shoulders. Mr Tien believes that in a world of relentless change, one must be prepared to take on challenges as every challenge will be different from the previous one. In recent years, as the company grew, Mr Tien as a CEO saw the need to move ATLAS from being a family business to a professionally managed enterprise.

ATLAS’ business activity is based on five key values, namely respect, integrity, passion, excellence and innovation. The company culture encourages employees to live by these values, and ATLAS actively employs people whose beliefs align with these company values. Mr Tien revealed that these company values are the same basic values that he had learnt from his parents. It is these core values that hold the company together. Mr Tien’s advice to budding entrepreneurs is to be open to new ideas and to be innovative and passionate in the things they do. They must have a moral compass to ensure that they do the right thing at all times.


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