"Don’t worry about making a mistake but don’t repeat it."

Loi Pok Yen

CWT Limited

As a cosmopolitan city, Singapore handles large imports and exports of goods. In order to do so, an efficient system is needed to ensure that goods get transferred safely from one location to another. Besides airmail, products can come in shipping containers that dock in Singapore’s ports. A key player in this logistics business is none other than CWT.

In 2005, Mr Loi Pok Yen assumed the position as board director and group CEO. Fierce competition from China, India and other Southeast Asian countries did not deter Mr Loi and his team from scaling greater heights and transforming the CWT Group into a global enterprise. As a result, CWT is now present in 49 countries and 6 continents.

As a child, Mr Loi shares that he was given an allowance of only 50 cents. Back in the older days, a bowl of noodles cost 40 cents and a cup of drink cost 20 cents. To work within his budget constraints, he bought only a piece of fish cake which cost only 20 cents rather than an entire bowl of noodles along with his drink. This allowed him to save 10 cents every day, inculcating good saving habits from a young age.

When he was young, Mr Loi was unsure of his future. In order to please his mother, he thought of studying medicine to become a doctor. However, inspired by his father, he pursued his dreams of becoming a businessman.

Mr Loi has three children – two daughters and a son and he encourages them to follow their own passion in life. He is also an avid reader of comic books and confesses that he reads them during his free time to take his mind off work. He has this set of principles that he lives by – “don’t complain”, “don’t play politics”, and “don’t worry about making a mistake but don’t repeat it”.


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