"If you really want to be a true entrepreneur, you have to listen to the heart, not the head."

Joey Chang


With 900 AXS machines across the island, this acronym is definitely not foreign to Singaporeans. However this company’s success did happen overnight and it took Mr. Joey Chang over 15 years to bring AXS to what it is now.

Mr. Joey Chang acquired 20 years of experience in the information technology and tourism industries before founding AXS. However, his route to success was not easy as he stopped seeing eye-to-eye with his business partners over time. “It is very important to understand that when you’re starting out, everyone is facing the same direction and it is relatively easy because there is a single purpose. However, as time evolves, priorities change and the motivation for different people changes”, – Mr. Chang comments.

When he had first started out, AXS was barely noticed as many potential investors thought of it as a ‘boring kiosk business’. What these investors failed to realize was that the market needed exactly that. And it was this practical understanding of various households’ demands that helped propel Mr. Chang’s business.

Mr. Chang’s main goal is to do the best that he can for whoever he serves, and his company strives to provide the best service for their customers. Many businessmen inspire Mr. Chang, and he advises a budding entrepreneur to look how these businessmen approach things on a personal level and how they express themselves through their passion and business.

Mr. Chang believes in giving back to the community. As the Vice Chairman of Singapore Kindness Movement, his core values are integrity, kindness, and graciousness. He believes that when everyone is polite and treated fairly, a better society can emerge. When one has these moral values, the world will be a better place to live in.

Mr. Chang is also an Assistant Treasurer of the Centre Management Committee of Tanglin Community Club and Board Member in the Make-A-Wish Foundation.


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