"Passion is very important in anything we do. Be it the person is working for people, working for company, working for government agency, or be it the teenage is going to start up his own company, passion is the number one thing that I think is very important."

Fan Mingwei

Bio3D Technologies

3D printing, once thought as an impossible feat, is no longer foreign to us. Simple and efficient, it has become increasingly popular. With a design in mind, we are able to materialize just about anything other than living things. Or so, we thought. Given the rapid advancements in the field of science and technology, it is now possible to have 3D biological printing. The 3D printer is now able to print 3D living cells, tissues and other biomaterials such as bacteria, antibodies, bio-gels, medicines, foodstuff, and biopolymers.

Here in Singapore, Bio3D Technologies is the pioneer company in 3D biological printing. Founded in May 2013 by Mingwei Fan, Bio3D Technologies consists of a team of enthusiastic scientists, engineers, and entrepreneurs. With Mingwei and the team’s unwavering research effort, Bio3D have created the world and Singapore’s first true scientific and biological 3D printer with multiple printer heads and modular design.

When asked about his happiest moment as an entrepreneur, Mingwei said that it was when he saw how his innovations benefitted people. Researchers and medical professionals use his products for medical treatments. Having experienced losing his mother to cancer, he wishes to further develop his business so that others do not have to go through the pain of losing their loved ones. Whenever he feels like giving up, he thinks of the good that he can bring to this world, which spurs him to keep fighting to push innovations in the biomedical sector.

Mingwei was a Nanyang Technological University undergraduate when he decided to focus on his startup instead. He took a three-year break off his studies to focus on his business. Mingwei’s advice to young people is to follow their passion, and to understand their calling in life. When a person is passionate about what he does, he will be motivated, persistent, and determined to be able to complete the tasks and to achieve the goals set for herself or himself, Mingwei asserts. Currently a member of the Bioengineering Technical Committee of The Institution of Engineers Singapore (IES), he also has over 15 years of experience in entrepreneurship including over 6 years in bio-entrepreneurship. Highly experienced in this field, Mingwei continues to follow his passion in the biotechnology and biomedical industry.


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