"In life there's a lot of difficulties that you face but you have to positively look at it as a challenge, rather than a difficulty, or else you won't be able to overcome it."

Eric Soh


Samwoh was founded by three lorry drivers in 1975 as a transport and logistics company that catered to the construction and recycling industry. The second generation of directors took over in 2000 and collectively worked hard with the core management team to transform Samwoh into a major Singapore market leader in construction and maintenance of road, aircraft and seaport pavements.

In year 2013, Mr Eric Soh took over as Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and strives to grow Samwoh with his people.

“Our people are our most valuable assets! Together, we continue to innovate ideas and inspire to build a sustainable future for our next generation of successor.” says Mr Soh.

Mr Soh feels that in order to do well, it is necessary for one to start at the bottom to earn the respect of one’s employees. Sharing his narration, it was only through hard work and having intimate knowledge of the company and the company’s products was he able to forge ahead. He also wanted to change possible misconceptions of the construction industry by ensuring that Samwoh’s image is one that is clean and vibrant.

Mr Soh is a strong believer of sincerity. He feels that in order to manage a company, one must be sincere in their actions and “walk the talk”. If he wants his employee to do something, he will sit down to talk with him or her, analyze the situation together and incorporate their suggestions to make a decision. He also treasures honesty among his employees and looks for it in potential employees. He feels that even if a worker makes a mistake, it should not be detrimental to their career at Samwoh as long as he or she is willing to be honest about it.

Mr Soh frequently strategizes about how to leverage on his current business model, how to train his employees and to bring more value to the different stakeholders. He also feels that financial planning is essential to a company and money should be spent only on what is needed instead of what one wants. His advice to youths is to save 30-40% of their allowance.

Like every other successful CEO, Mr Soh has a tight schedule. Nevertheless, he is very appreciative of the support his family has given him and thus he makes time for his loved ones. He also tries to get them involved in his business so that they will be able to understand his work. Mr Soh only considers himself successful only when he has taught his staff well and is able to hand Samwoh over to his successor.


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