"There will always be a point when you feel like giving up, but it’s up to you whether you want to push on or not."

Edwin Yeo

Opcon Pte Ltd

After failing to become an Air Force pilot, Opcon Marine founder Mr Edwin Yeo turned his vision from the skies to the sea instead. While training as an engineer, Mr Yeo developed a keen interest in diving and designing new technology. Upon discovering a niche in the market for underwater products, Mr Yeo combined his interests with his engineering skills and started Opcon Marine in 2007.

But with no formal business training, Mr Yeo’s initial attempts at starting a company were challenging. However, he gradually learnt new skills in financial accounting and business planning with the help of more experienced friends and colleagues to help him sustain his company. Mr Yeo also learnt how to craft business proposals and presentations to better communicate his ideas.

At first, Mr Yeo started with a few small ventures to test the waters of the diving industry. Despite a few setbacks, Mr Yeo persevered and saw opportunities to further improve his products. His efforts eventually paid off and he won a contract to fully develop his products a few years later.

Mr Yeo credits his success to his passion and determination as they kept him going when times were tough. “There will always be [a point when you feel like giving up],” he said. “But it’s up to you whether you want to push on or not.”

He also stresses the importance of keeping an open mind as successful entrepreneurs are expected to constantly adapt and take on new challenges or job requirements to serve their clients. Therefore, Mr Yeo always keep a lookout for potential hires with similar attitudes to work and are independent enough to adapt to all his clients’ needs.

Client satisfaction is of the foremost priority for Mr Yeo and he regards it as the most rewarding aspect of his work as an entrepreneur. To make sure his customers remain happy, Mr Yeo ensures that all his products are of the highest quality; even if he has to remake the product from scratch.

As a result of Mr Yeo’s determination and drive for perfection, Opcon Marine’s unique and innovative underwater products like Black Ace™ and Clear Vision Technology have attracted many clients, including those from the military and security forces. Under his leadership, the company has also evolved from being a distributor to becoming a solutions provider with multiple business partnerships around the world.


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