"It is not just about collecting your pay check but about taking pride in what you do."

Edwin Ng


Markono was founded in 1967 in Singapore and provides world-class printing, warehousing and fulfilment, and other supply chain solutions. Starting out as a small general printer in the 1960s, Markono has grown to become one of the leading partners of international publishers and Fortune 100 companies. Strategically located in Singapore, Markono has been establishing itself as the preferred partner for companies who are looking to tap into the burgeoning Southeast Asian Market. The company has since expanded into Malaysia as it continues to evolve to meet the needs of the rapidly growing economy.

Mr Edwin Ng is the Managing Director of Markono. His father started this company 48 years ago and has great passion in what he does. Carrying on his father’s legacy, Mr Ng strongly believes Markono has the ability to grow even further. With prior experience in the banking industry, Mr Ng shared that his interactions with his customers, many of whom are entrepreneurs, inspired him to become one himself.

Mr Ng strongly advocates the need to reinvent the business in order to stay relevant in today’s ever changing multimedia world. Mr Ng also points out that to create a successful business, there is a need to consistently improve their product offerings. One such offering is Markono’s introduction of print on demand concept which reduces the risks of inventory of their customers.

Having run the business for years, Mr Ng encourages young budding entrepreneurs to have passion for their work. “Enjoy what you do but in addition, always have the right values and hold strong to your integrity”.

The greatest satisfaction that Mr Ng derives from running his company is the key milestones he is able to achieve such as positive customer feedback and progression of his employees. “It is not just about collecting your pay check but about taking pride in what you do” Mr Ng said.

Mr Ng also highlights an important chain reaction. There is a need for the business owner to be useful and add value to the business in order for the business to value add to customers as well as contribute back to society.

In considering its stakeholders, Markono aims to build a long term sustainable business through focusing its efforts on the environment, community and employee well-being. Surely with his mind-set and this objective, Mr Ng will definitely bring Markono to greater heights with every passing year.


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