"One thing you must tell yourself, is not to give up."

Eddie Lee


Founded in 2004 by Mr. Eddie Lee, Edifice Pte. Ltd. provides brand consultancy, visual artwork, web and software solutions for both new and long-established firms. Otherwise known as “The Brand Architect”, Edifice believes that it is only through one’s strong identity that the message can be effectively delivered to the right audience.

As the Managing Director and the Principal Project Consultant of Edifice, Eddie liaises personally with all his clients. His job scope includes conducting strategic planning for his clients, and he also advises them on technology matters and third party application integration possibilities.

Eddie’s road to becoming an entrepreneur was guided by chance. As a child, he was fortunate to grow up in a well-off family. He recalls that his parents owned two cars and that he would frequently drive one of them to school. However, as his parents’ business failed, the family lost both cars and that gave Eddie a hard wake-up call.

Edifice started out as one-man operation, and Eddie took on multiple roles – the sales man, developer, and delivery boy. In his first business pitch, Eddie had to travel to a warehouse in one of the remote parts of Singapore. The business owners he was addressing were not well-versed in web technology and sought advice from Eddie. That boosted his self –esteem, and the new clients were so impressed with Eddie, they even offered to give him a ride home.

With 13 years of experience in the rapidly changing information technology world, Eddie confidently leads Edifice on the road to even bigger success. Eddie credits his disciplined attitude to his Muay Thai practices and spends most of his free time perfecting it in the gym. He also runs marathons and was even part of the Singapore wushu and kickboxing team back in 1998. At weekends, he also enjoys playing golf with his friends.


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