"Planning is important because we need to build a good foundation for ourselves."

Chan Chik Weng

Sita Pest Control & Fumigation Services

Growing up, LTC (Rtd) Chan Chik Weng was always thrilled and inspired by his peers who could help contribute to their families by earning money from selling ice cream and snacks. His mother, however, forbade him to do so, fearing that they would be a bad influence.

In 1967, LTC (Rtd) Chan became one of the first to be enlisted for National Service when it became mandatory, and later he was in the pioneer batch of National Service Commissioned Officers. In 1970, he signed on with the Singapore Armed Forces (SAF) and subsequently served in the army for years before he retired at the rank of Lieutenant-Colonel.

LTC (Rtd) Chan was finally able to realise his dream of being an entrepreneur when he retired from the SAF. He did this by taking over the management of SITA Pest in 2003, then a relatively small company in Singapore, in spite of its 15 years of experience in pest control services. Under his leadership, SITA Pest grew to at least 4 times its original size.

To LTC (Rtd) Chan, his mother was his inspiration. Though she has never received formal education, she was a highly capable lady and LTC (Rtd) Chan learnt a lot from helping her at work and managing the family finances.

Another person who inspires LTC (Rtd) Chan is the late Dr Goh Keng Swee, former Deputy Prime Minister of Singapore. Dr Goh was a founding father of Singapore and is known as one of the most brilliant architects of our nation’s economic success. LTC (Rtd) Chan had the good fortune of being appointed as Military Secretary to Dr Goh when he was the Minister for Defence. LTC (Rtd) Chan benefitted greatly from Dr Goh’s mentorship. Not only did he learn the importance of reading and writing well, but more importantly he internalised values such as integrity and discipline.

LTC (Rtd) Chan advises budding entrepreneurs not to manage their business as if it was a gamble. Rather, risks taken should be well calculated as their businesses affect the lives of many stakeholders, including their employees. For LTC (Rtd) Chan, he continues to take pest control seriously and strives to continuously develop his company and staff.


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