“You can’t just start a business with an inspiration. You need a good business plan, conduct research, look at the resources required, seek advice and see how you can make a differentiation.”

Benedict Soh

Kingsmen Creatives Ltd

It all started with a drive to make a living. Established in 1976, Kingsmen began with two founders, Benedict Soh and Simon Ong. Both men wanted a humble name to build the brand right; if clients are kings, then this company would be the army of kings’ men to serve them. The duo has remained true to a simple formula all these years – being professional and fair to their customers. It may sound like common sense, but Kingsmen has applied that formula with consistency and success.

Listed on the main board of the Singapore Exchange, Kingsmen today has a strategic network of 18 offices across 10 countries, with more than 1,700 staff and over 870,000 square feet of production facilities across Asia Pacific and the Middle East. Stemming from its cofounders’ shared vision to transform the design and production landscape, Kingsmen offers integrated solutions covering a comprehensive range of services from ideation, research and design, consultancy, project management and prototyping to fabrication, implementation and installation, logistics support and after-sales services. These one-stop solutions are offered to international clients across multiple sectors such as Exhibitions & Events, Retail & Corporate Interiors, Thematic & Museums and Alternative Marketing.

At Kingsmen, it is not just about providing quality solutions for clients. Its founders place importance on engaging and contributing to Singapore’s design and MICE industry. In addition to spearheading the strategic planning and business development of the company, Benedict is actively involved in initiatives led by various government agencies. Even so, he was pleasantly surprised and honoured to be accorded the Lifetime Achievement for Outstanding Contribution to Tourism by the Singapore Tourism Board (STB) in 2012, and most recently the prestigious Hazel Hays Award 2014 by US-based Exhibit Designers and Producers Association (EDPA), in recognition for outstanding contributions to the exhibition industry. These accolades are a testament of Kingsmen’s reputation and good standing in the global MICE industry.

However, there are no hard and fast rules for success and Benedict acknowledges that the key to the company’s survival is in its ability to adapt to the evolving needs of both the market and its clients. He adds, “It takes more than the ability to spot trends to run a successful business, and it is Kingsmen’s commitment to quality design, service and production that has enabled us to win over regional and international clients over the years.” As a co-founder and entrepreneur, Benedict shares that he has never, for a single moment, thought about giving up despite the challenges. “Failure is not an option because you’re in charge of your employees’ livelihoods. If you’re the initiator, you’re like the captain of the ship; if your ship sinks, you should be the last one.” Today, Kingsmen has grown by leaps and bounds. As a company recognised for bringing out the best for its clients’ brand, Kingsmen has established itself as the partner of choice for leading companies around the world.

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