“Find the one thing that you love to do and do it the best you can. As long as you do it the best you can, in life, you will be rewarded for it.”

Andy Ong

Corlison Pearlie White

Andy spent the first part of his career in the dot-com era where he helped to market fledgling digital and mobile commerce solutions.

Towards the turn of the century, when Corlison lost the distribution rights of a major brand after it had been purchased by a large global pharmaceutical company, Andy decided to return to his family’s 35-year old distribution business.

To rebuild the business, Andy had the option to go with the status quo and seek new products for distribution. Instead, he chose to forge a whole new path. Drawing on the family’s experience in the oral and dental care industry, he created Singapore’s very own oral care brand, Pearlie White®.

Andy believes in an interesting combination of two opposing business notions – creativity and simplicity – and infusing this paradox in all his initiatives. Explaining further, Andy adds, “Regardless of how big a Singapore company or brand is locally, in the global scale of business, every Singapore business is still a small business. We have to be creative in how we differentiate our offerings from larger global competitors. Yet at the same time, we have to keep implementation simple so we can be nimble and respond to changes quickly.”

As an entrepreneur, he believes firmly in the importance of perseverance. He shares that while the youth of today are well-connected and can multi-task very well, it will be even better if they are able to identify one area that they enjoy and find meaning in, persevere and excel in it. He also believes that in business, it is critical for one to be able to make timely, concise and well-informed decisions.

The Pearlie White® oral care brand remains the only 100% Singapore owned oral care brand and also the only oral care brand with its own manufacturing facilities in Singapore. It is marketed globally, and its products can be found on shelves in pharmacies and supermarkets in countries like Myanmar and the UAE.

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