"What are you really passionate about?" He had asked himself that years ago and realised that his passion was in the field of hospitality.

Adler Poh

Adler Luxury Hostel

Mr Adler Poh is the Managing Director of his own establishment, Adler Luxury Hostel. Based in a conserved Art Deco shop-house in Chinatown, the hostel was established on 12 December 2012 after one and a half years of construction and refurbishment. A fusion of antique furniture and local artwork, the “Adler” brand, as Mr Poh calls it, is one that truly celebrates our country and is a local brand that all Singaporeans can be proud of.

Having grown up in a family of entrepreneurs, Mr Poh was always inspired by his grandfather and father. As such, he always had a natural gravitation towards entrepreneurship as a future avenue for him as a career. With the experiences he had learnt from his family members, travels, and knowledge from his hospitality studies, Mr Poh believes that he has a good grasp of the demands of customers in the hospitality sector.

Mr Poh’s journey of entrepreneurship began during a 1-month backpacking trip around Europe, where he stayed in a small boutique hostel and was amazed by its standards. The high quality of the hostel’s amenities and furnishings were a far cry from the conventional hostels that he had been to. This sparked the idea of setting up a luxury hostel brand in Singapore. Mr Poh then established Adler Luxury Hostel, which differentiates itself from other hostels by paying more attention to its theme, cleanliness and comfort. He also believed that the service aspect of a hostel is important due to the frequent interaction between staff and customers. A testimony to his emphasis on service is his dedication in replying customer reviews on travel websites. Through this avenue, he manages to express his gratitude towards his customers as well as to further improve the quality of his hostel.

When asked about what advice he would give to others, Mr Poh said that people should also pose to themselves this question- “What are you really passionate about?” He had asked himself that years ago and realised that his passion was in the field of hospitality. The ability to constantly sustain that interest and love for his work was also how he determined that it was something that he wanted to invest his time and money in. Now, Mr Poh is enjoying the fruits of his labour and is grateful for the opportunities that have been given to him and the hostel. With the expansion of the hostel space as well as the recent series of accolades, Adler Luxury Hostel looks to be a frontrunner in Singapore’s hospitality industry.


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